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COVID Update Info

Most recently, we have been asked – “Can I come in?” or “When will I be able to come in with my pet?”

The answer is that we still don’t know. While COVID cases have dropped in Oregon and the Governor keeps suggesting new and exciting changes, as a veterinary hospital- there is so much information out there, however we are bound to guidelines established by the Oregon Health Authority, OSHA, and the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association.  They have very specific instructions for veterinary practices on adherence to curbside services only! Until they publish new guidelines for veterinary practices, we will remain curbside for the foreseeable future. We will keep everyone updated as things change.

We are hoping and preparing to start allowing pet owners LIMITED access to the hospital ONCE guidelines have been updated. We will start SLOWLY, probably one client with their pet at a time, in order to build a system that adequately addresses ours and your safety. Our goal is to welcome you back into the hospital, safely — while also following whatever the new guidelines will allow. Since this is something that is currently not permitted and is outside our control, we deeply appreciate your patience. We will let you know when we can start allowing pet owners in our practice again. We do appreciate all our clients that have shown us support and kindness, and hope you continue to understand that we have to follow these rules. Masks will continue to be required according to the guidelines for any health care environment, or proof of vaccination for Covid 19 (- you must be must be fully vaccinated to enter the hospital ) this includes veterinary hospitals.

Below are all the links for you to be able to review yourself. OVMA link requires us to continue to be curbside at this time.

Oregon adjusts guidelines for wearing masks and physical distancing indoors and outdoors.

COVID-19 Patient Care Guidance

Oregon OSHA Statement on Vaccines and Face Coverings

COVID-19 Update

Updated: May 21, 2021

We are NOT allowing clients in the Hospital. To learn more when this will change, please click here.

Please call 503-625-4404 – we will:

  • Ask you to meet us at the door
  • Retrieve our patient, examine & call with diagnosis
  • Retrieve payment via phone
  • Return our furry friends & medications etc, to you.

Please stay in the parking lot and be ready for the call. Fecal’s, Urine’s etc, can be dropped off, call – we will meet you at the door.

If you need refills for medications, plan ahead- send us an e-mail and we can text or e-mail when they are ready for pick up, we are requiring all things be pre-paid before pick up. NOTE: You can refill all food and medication on the VET SOURCE store on the home delivery link by clicking here.

Our email is cvh@crossroadsvet.com.  The phone lines are in constant use – so we can talk to our clients in the cars – we have added a voicemail message that will be checked every 24 hours. If you have an emergency and you get the voicemail, please hang up and call 503-625-4404.

Technician appointments are being scheduled after noon.

Thank you for your outpouring of support, understanding and patience, while we navigate though this global pandemic.

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