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Ultrasounds are a non-invasive imaging technique that allows our team to visualize the internal organs of your pet. It is the same technology used to generate sonograms during human pregnancy which uses sound waves transmitted into the body to create an image.

This tool allows us to examine the organs for location, size and shape. There are many reasons we may perform an ultrasound on your pet. These can include include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Abnormal bloodwork
  • Change in urinary habits
  • Chest fluid
  • Verify a mass prior to biopsy

Ultrasounds are not painful, though some pets do require minor sedation during the procedure. We may also shave your pet’s fur to allow for  accurate contact between the ultrasound probe and your pet’s skin.

After the exam, the doctor will discuss the results with you and make recommendations for follow-up care and treatment if necessary.

An ultrasound is a great tool that can help us diagnose your pet’s medical condition without the trauma of surgery. Ultrasounds are just one of the many services that illustrate our passion for your pet’s health.

Ready to schedule an ultrasound for your pet?


COVID-19 Update

Updated: July 21, 2020

We are NOT allowing clients in the Hospital. To learn more when this will change, please click here.

Please call 503-625-4404 – we will:

  • Ask you to meet us at the door
  • Retrieve our patient, examine & call with diagnosis
  • Retrieve payment via phone
  • Return our furry friends & medications etc, to you.

Please stay in the parking lot and be ready for the call. Fecal’s, Urine’s etc, can be dropped off, call – we will meet you at the door.

If you need refills for medications, plan ahead- send us an e-mail and we can text or e-mail when they are ready for pick up, we are requiring all things be pre-paid before pick up. NOTE: You can refill all food and medication on the VET SOURCE store on the home delivery link by clicking here.

Our email is cvh@crossroadsvet.com.  The phone lines are in constant use – so we can talk to our clients in the cars – we have added a voicemail message that will be checked every 24 hours. If you have an emergency and you get the voicemail, please hang up and call 503-625-4404.

Technician appointments are being scheduled after noon.

Thank you for your outpouring of support, understanding and patience, while we navigate though this global pandemic.

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